Agenda of interesting events for the media


  • tesauro [topic] (string) Categorization of the item in the format ([XXX] [Label] [IPTC Code]) We recommend to process only the code following the industry * standard (IPTC),!Documents/guidelineformappingcategorycodestosubjectnewscodes.htm
  • origen [origin] (string): not usable
  • fecha [date] (datetime): date of the event in teh format dd/mm/yyyy
  • lugar [place] (string): city where the event takes place
  • Direccion [Address] (string): address where the event takes place, if available
  • Id (number): unique ID in our database
  • Horaalta [creation time] (time): time of creation for this item
  • Fechaalta [creation date] (date): date of creation for this item
  • Tipoauto [type] (string): It declares the type of event (“Previsiones” or “Agenda”)
  • Relevancia2 [relevance] (string): string declaring how relevant is the event. Composed by two words “[Normal/Importante] [Nacional/Internacional]” ([Normal/Important] [Domestic/International])
  • Guia [Guide] (string): lead for the event, just two or three words describing the topic of the event
  • Pais [Country] (string): Name of the country where the event takes place
  • Cobertura [Coverage] (string). It declares if the event is covered by the News Agency with text stories, pictures and/or video (**)
  • Descripcion [Description] (string): short text describing the event, what is expected to happen, or any other relevant information about it

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