Food Retail Product Assortment

This dataset contains daily operational information from the past year of a retail company. The data is provided by Sonae, the owner of the biggest retail chain in Portugal. For each product-store-day is provided information about sales (promotional and non-promotional) and out-of-stock status. Due to operations requirements, the product assortment in each store changes frequently, leading to different product assortment each week (only products in the assortment are replenished). Product hierarchy and store structure help to find products and stores with similar characteristics and, thereby, similar behaviors.


  • assortment (type): Identify if certain a product is on the store assortment list in a given week.
  • baseline (type): Example of sales-series corrected according to promotions activity, out-of-stock indicator and outliers – example of a baseline.
  • product hierarchy (type): Identify different layers of product clusters according to similar characteristics.
  • sales stock outs (type): Contains all the information concerning sales (promotional and non-promotional) and out-of-stock indicator for each product-store-day.
  • store structure (type): Identify clusters of stores based on their dimensions and localization in Portugal.

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