Marketing online campaigns statistics


  • AdGroupId: Id of the group that contains the keyword.
  • KeywordId: Id of the keyword. The couple AdgroupId y KeywordId identifies a unique keyword. Some keywords may have the same Id.
  • City: Id of the city.
  • CountryTerritory: Id of the country
  • Region, Id of the region
  • StrRegion: Name of the region
  • StrCity: Name of the city
  • Country: Acronym of the country
  • Language: Language of the campaign
  • Category: First level category of the campaign. This categorization is given by Google
  • CampaignName: Name of the campaign. It contains the country, language, category, listing and match type.
  • Date: Date of the statistics
  • DayOfWeek,: Day of the week of the statistics
  • MonthOfYear: Month of the statistics
  • Keyword: Text of the keyword
  • MatchType: Math type of the keyword. It determines the relationship between the keyword and the user query written
  • Clicks: Number of clicks that the keyword had for the date shown
  • Impressions: Number of impressions that the keyword had for the date shown
  • GoogleAdPosition: Average of the position in which the keyword appeared in the search engine

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