Metadata of pictures taken


  • ESTILO (Portrait/landscape) (string): Two possible values, portrait (when height is bigger than width) or landscape (when width is bigger than height)
  • FECHA (Date) (date): Date of the picture
  • CLAS_COD (IPTC Subject Code) Code showing the most relevant categorization of the picture. Following the industry standard (IPTC),!Documents/guidelineformappingcategorycodestosubjectnewscodes.htm
  • CIUDAD (City) (string): City where picture was taken
  • CREDITO (Credit) (string): Entity who gives credit to the image
  • CODIGOAUTO (Id) (number): Unique ID for the picture in providers’ database
  • TAMANO (size) (string): Dimensions (in pixels) of the picture (`width’x’height’)
  • AUTOR (ByLine) (string): Name of the photographer
  • FUENTE (Source) (string): Entity providing the picture in origin
  • CLASIFICACION (Subject) (string): text in Spanish with the literal assigned to the code in CLAS_COD field
  • FTRANS (date): Date of transmission in format YYYYMMDD
  • PAIS_COD (string): 3 letters code to identify the country were the picture was take (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) (
  • PLANO (string): Type of picture (“Plano general”: General view, “Primer Plano”: Close-up, “Plano medio”: Medium view)
  • TEXTO (string): Caption describing the picture

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