Smart meters recorded events

This dataset contains events for few months in last year. Events are one of function in smart meters. With events we can see what is happened to electricity meter and on distribution network. So events are very useful and with events we can control correct working of smart meters and detect anomalies. There is many types of events. Which events will be recorded depend on types of meters. Newer smart meters are more developed and records more types of events than older smart meters. Events are marked with event ID. For different types of meters the same event ID can have different meaning. So it is very important to pay attention on event data where are short explanation of events.


  • event timestamp [number] : date and time when event happened up to a second precisely
  • event ID [number]: unique number for the same types of smart meters defines type of event (meaning of event for the same type of smart meters)
  • event data [text]: short explanation of event in English language (exp. missing voltage L1, meter cover open..)
  • device ID [number]: unique number which present device (smart meter) where event was recorded/happened

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