Transaction items

This dataset contains detailed information on customer transactions. For each transaction , we provide information on the items that the customers purchase. As is the case with Dataset #1, a transaction can be identified by the date of transaction, store identifier, cash register identifier, and transaction identifier.


  • date of transaction [date]: The date of the transaction
  • store identifier [number]: The identifier of the store
  • cash register identifier [number]: The identifier of the cash register, where the transaction took place.
  • transaction identifier [number]: The identifier of the transaction (to be used together with date, store identifier, and cash register identifier)
  • customer identifier [number]: The identifier of the customer with their (masked) loyalty card number). A customer may have multiple cards that may or may not be known to the company.
  • product identifier [number]: The identifier of the product purchased by the customer. Each product in each transaction correspond to a row in Dataset #2.
  • quantity/amount [number]: The quantity or the amount purchased by the customer. Items such as fruits or vegetables are priced with respect to their weights whereas other items are priced with respect to the quantity purchased by the customer.
  • product taxonomy [number]: The categorization of the product in the Migros product taxonomy. Only the identifier is going to be share, the meanings of the categories are not revealed to the applicants.
  • barcode scanning time [number]: The scanning time of the product. The scanning patterns of the cashier may provide hints for detecting frauds.
  • amount [number]:The amount spent by the customer for the item.
  • discount amount [number]: The amount of the discount the customer had for the item.

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