• Titulo: Number, this is the code of fare
  • Parada: Stop number
  • Orden_teo: Teorethical order of this stop in its route
  • Tarjeta: Anonymized number of validated card
  • Fecha: Date of validation
  • Hora: Time of validation
  • Transbordos: number of passengers that are transferring between buses
  • Viajeros: Number of passengers
  • Ruta: Route code
  • Itinerario: Segment of a route
  • Nombre_itinerario: Description of the segment of a route
  • peso_viaje: 1 if it was a whole trip, 0.5 if the trip was only a half of the route
  • Codigo_viaje: Identifier of a trip; every succeded validation in a same trip has the same code

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