Work orders

This dataset contains work orders for the same time period like Dataset 1. With work orders we control work on field. We create and check work orders. In work orders we can see up to a minute precisely where work was executed and result of executed work. With analysis of work orders we can define on which meters or measuring points we have some problems. Work orders are important because with work orders we can check if some events are justified. For exp. if event meter cover open happened and there is for the same day successful finished work order for meter where event happened this mean our worker was on field and manipulate with meter and this is justified event.


  • operation [text]: text is in Slovenian language (Operacija). In this section we see which type of work was done (types of operations with translation: kontrola – control of smart meter, menjava – replacement of smart meter, popis - reading data from meter, priklop - connection meter to electricity, servis - service of meter)
  • timestamp [number]: date and time when work was executed up to a minute precisely
  • result of operation [text]: text is in Slovenian language. In this section we see if work was successful done (types of results with translation: izvedba – successful finished work, nedostopno merilno mesto - inaccessibility of the meter, nedostopnost stranke - inaccessibility of the client, neuspešno končanje - unsuccessful work, splošen dogodek - general action, zavrnitev naloga - refusal of work order)
  • device ID - serial number [number]: unique number which present device (smart meter) where work was done

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